FELICITY GROOM Backwards Forwards gets 6.5/10

Felicity Groom
Backwards Forwards


After taking time off to work on her new album and focus on motherhood, Felicity Groom has marked her return to the WA scene with atmospheric single Backwards Forwards. Melodically soothing and instrumentally spacious, Backwards Forwards is a simple and pleasant taste of what Groom has in store.

Not overly energetic or layered, the track falls into the danger of becoming something nice, rather than something gripping. There’s nothing unenjoyable about the piece, no out of place riffs or overdone production – but there’s nothing overly enticing, either. Groom’s vocals are soft, matching the pace and vibe of the sonic landscape beneath her (aside from the drums, which dominate the mix and are simultaneously captivating and repetitive). Lyrically it’s intriguing, although Groom’s performance sometimes feels lost, all of the elements blending into one.

Backwards Forwards aligns with Groom’s new imagery and visual explorations, and at times it does feel otherworldly, a song to listen to while you’re floating through space. With hints of decades past, it would have been interesting to see the track lean more into the direction it seems to be tugging in, but not quite reaching.

The single does however encourage curiosity, drawing us in as Groom prepares to lead us through her new creations. If anything, as we await her next albumĀ Backwards Forwards is a gentle welcome into her new world – one that she hasn’t stopped dancing through.


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