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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Producer and Perthanite Sable kicked off his national Kanto Tour at Villa on Friday night, alongside the sold out Spring Breakers themed Father Villa Takeover #2 – a night full of debauchery, misogamy and floating palm trees.

In true Spring Breakers fashion, the pimps and hoes were out in force, with people donning toy guns, gold chain necklaces, neon bikinis and cornrows all waiting in a ridiculously long line at the front of Villa pre-10pm, and some desperate punters roaming up and down in search of last minute tickets.

Trillem Dafoe saw the early party starters shuffle onto the dance floor and drop to some Jamaica-inspired tropical beats, fittingly surrounded by large blow-up palm trees and beach balls. Trillem emitted a casual, laid back vibe throughout Villa, before Sydney-sider Ribongia brought a change in the air and an injection of true live DJing spirit to the decks.

The familiar tune of Missy Elliot’s Work It was exquisitely remixed by Ribongia, who melded it with some heavier beats while playing on his keyboard. It’s safe to say this DJ won himself a legion of followers, his fun-loving personality and ability to work the boards and decks showing off some amazing skill, too often replaced with pre-recorded tracks.

As he got deeper and deeper into his set, the crowd got increasingly hyped, and Ribongia increasingly enthusiastic – at one stage jumping up onto his decks and boogying, before throwing one of the inflatable trees into the growing crowd.

It was a great lead up to Sable’s first show in his tour promoting his new EP Kanto. Sable hit us with masterly crafted remixes of Disclosure, Zhu and Nikki Minaj’s Anaconda, slowing things down with JT’s My Love and In Da Club.

As the night went on his signature video game-sque sounds were added to the mix. The dance floor was full of Hawaiian shirts, plastic guns and body moving love, as Sable continued to prove why he was nominated for four WA Music Industry Awards.

A shout out to fellow Perth producers Slumberjack led into a crowd bopping inferno, before the Perth DJ brought out a new track and some heavy trap tunes to wrap up his set.

It was a quick transition from Sable to the Surecut Kids, who captured the audience in a sway with a remix of Britney Spears’ Everytime. And then the trap sounds dropped. The Gold Coast duo brought the smoke (literally) to the dancefloor, haze from their smoke machine filling Villa as they increased the pace and drops with remixes ofJauz’s Metronome and Grandtheft & Keys N Krates Keep It 100.

By the end of the night the pimps had lost their guns and replaced them with purple drank, the hoes were making out with the hoes, and everybody was getting loose on the dance floor.


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