Extraordinary Gifts To Give In 2020

Australians know how to spoil their loved ones with gifts. One report showed that  Aussies spend over $19.8 billion each year on gifts for their friends, families, and loved ones. The report also found out that 85 percent of people from the Land Down Under enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. While the report discovered that Aussies prefer giving cash gifts, people still  choose some unusual gifts to give during Christmas and on other special occasions. Trends confirm that the Australian gift-giving culture will continue to surge in 2020. If you’re thinking about giving someone a truly extraordinary gift this year, here are some of the trends in gifting you can expect to see.

One-Of-A-Kind Experiences

Nowadays, people enjoy giving gifts that the recipient will never forget. According to a previous study,  giving experiential gifts is more sentimental and proves that you really value your relationship. Instead of giving a usual item as a present, many people now have a  giftlist that includes experiential things, like tickets to an upcoming concert. You can really splurge by giving your loved one an exceptional weekend away, complete with tickets for an exciting food or music festival and accommodations at a luxury hotel or resort. Another extraordinary gift that you can give is VIP access to a special museum exhibition or an exclusive tour of a popular historical site or destination.

Local Or Indigenous Products

More people have started to buy local products to support small and medium enterprises in recent years. This practise can help boost the Australian economy and secure the  employment of people from local communities. Shopping for local items also encourages small businesses to thrive, making local or indigenous products a great option for gifts. In addition, gifting local Australian products to your family and friends will allow them to get to know your culture better and ignite a sense of pride in the items that are proudly made from your country or even your city.

Gift Of Time

Nothing is really more special than giving loved ones your undivided time and attention. For the next special occasion, you can book a few nights to a fun and exciting destination together. Make sure that you will leave all your official work behind. Spend this time truly bonding or reconnecting with your loved ones so that you can properly enjoy each other’s company. Once you are at your chosen destination, you can ask your loved ones to choose the activities, so all of you will have fun during the trip.

Based on these trends, you can see that gifts are no longer a sign of materialism. Instead, people give gifts to show their love to someone close to their heart. This way, your recipient will know that you want them to feel special. You may still want to buy them a traditional gift if you think they’ll enjoy it more. As long as the gift really comes from your heart, they will appreciate any item that comes from you.

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