Students! Drinkers! Parents with very select midweek opportunities for babysitting! Basically anyone except children (although people have been bringing their kids for the first bit of the night and IT HAS BEEN FUN): are you looking for something to do on a wednesday night? 

Cockburn’s own globetrotting idiot DJ Tomás Ford invites you down for a beer at Last Drop Beeliar at his new weekly MIDWEEK MEGAPARTY, kicking off at 8pm every wednesday from August 15. 

Tomás is best known for his stupid DJ party Crap Music Rave Party (where the rules are that you can request any song as long as it’s crap) and his hyperactive comedy shows. His DJ shows see him making himself into the biggest idiot in the room so that you are free-ed up to be a bit dorkier yourself. He’s always making an idiot of himself somewhere around Australia, New Zealand and the UK, but he’s decided that it’s time for a party that is stumbling distance from his house.

Midweek Megaparty is one of those great nights that won’t make any sense until you come down. It’s a big, silly midweek night out that’s going to have a cult following before you know it. Come give it a whirl.

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