SUPERTRAMP’S ROGER HODGSON 40th Anniversary of Breakfast In America

Roger Hodgson, famous for all of the classic Supertramp mega-hits that he wrote, composed and sang, will embark on a new world tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Breakfast in America’. Roger’s songs are timeless, and his mesmerising performances continue to connect in powerful ways to fans everywhere.

‘Breakfast in America’ was the #1 album of 1979 in the Australian charts, holding the top spot for six weeks and reaching gold status above Rod Stewart, The Bee Gees, ELO and so many other household names. With hits like “The Logical Song”, “Breakfast in America” and “Take The Long Way Home” – all penned and performed by Roger Hodgson – the album sold over 20 million copies worldwide, and made Supertramp a staple of every radio station and turntable for years to come. Though, It was Roger’s 1974 hits “Dreamer” and “Give A Little Bit” that first called the world to the magic of his introspective lyrics and upbeat melodies.

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