Black Swan Theatre – SKYLAB: GROUND ZERO

Skylab was the first US manned scientific space station launched by NASA from John F Kennedy Centre on the 24 May 1973. It completed 34,981 orbits of Earth before it came crashing to Earth over Esperance in the early hours of 12 July 1979. Many people saw it and heard the sonic booms. It crashed into the ocean approaching Esperance spreading all the way to Balladonia and beyond. Pieces of Skylab debris, large and small, were found scattered over the Esperance townsite and farming areas.

The US newspaper, the San Francisco Examiner, turned the hunt for souvenirs into a frenzy when they offered $10,000 dollars to the first person to arrive at their office with an authentic piece of Skylab. The winner had just 72 hours to get to America. The prize was claimed by 17 year old Stan Thornton from Esperance.

Join host Ian Michael (Resident Artist at Black Swan) as he chats to Stan about the night Skylab fell and his trip to America with the blackened piece of metal which made him a bit of a celebrity. He toured the US, endorsed various products and the newspaper even flew out his family to keep him company.

Visit our pop-up museum featuring some incredible items on loan from Esperance Municipal Museum including an actual piece of the space station on loan from WA Museum.

Note: attendance to the discussion is free, just requiring registration. However, if you would like to also attend the production Skylab on the same evening you will need to purchase tickets online HERE


Thursday 16th August 8pm 9.30pm
Friday 17th August 8pm 9.30pm
Saturday 18th August 8pm 9.30pm
Tuesday 21st August 7pm 8.30pm
Wednesday 22nd August 7pm 8.30pm
Thursday 23rd August 8pm 9.30pm
Friday 24th August 8pm 9.30pm
Saturday 25th August 4pm 5.30pm
Saturday 25th August 8pm 9.30pm
Tuesday 28th August 7pm 8.30pm
Wednesday 29nd August 7pm 8.30pm
Thursday 30th August 8pm 9.30pm
Friday 31st August 8pm 9.30pm


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