MITCH JONES Album Launch

MITCH JONES Album Launch

with The Bob Gordons, The Donald Trumpets and Joys

Mitch Jones says, “In 2015 I bought a van and drove to the other side of the country. I met a bunch of great humans and heaps of dogs, saw cool places and got to play some of the best shows of my life. I also wrote a bunch of songs which 2 years later would become, MATILDA.

On Friday 13th October I will be celebrating the release of the record at The Bassendean Hotel.

Joining me for your listening pleasure will be, JOYS opening the night with a blend of fuzz, grunge and emo shoegaze. Followed by the politcally fuelled ska punk from The Donald Trumpets and ending the night is everyone’s favourite kind of party, The Bob Gordons!”

7:30pm – 11:45pm
$10 Entry

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