with Deflect Notice & Deadlock

When a girl is asked what she would like for her birthday, she replies that she would simply like a few of her favourite things…

…Firstly, she would like The Castle back.
A live venue in Perth once owned by the most honourable of men Wayne, who sank more money into the sound equipment than he did into the basic facilities. She would like to go there, listen to awesome bands that have you jumping off tables, moshing down the front and cracking your head open on the fall back speaker.

Unfortunately the Castle these days is a shade of pink and smells like lilly’s, so she has asked the old residents Matty Trash and the Horrorbles, Defect Notice and Deadlock to play around the corner at the Badlands. Times change and we all get older, venues move on and Badlands is a more than worthy adversary.

Secondly, she would like to balance the brutality with the beauty of the female form seen through the art of burlesque. Enticed by the tease and wonder of grace, she invites the spectacular Essie Foxglove and Darla Harland to steal everyone’s hearts.

Thirdly, she would like awesome tunes throughout the night. But not just any tunes, those of the darker variety that will take you into the depths of grunge and rock and roll, all while hitting you in the face with an industrial beat and enforcing a two-step shuffle. This can only be supported by the truly great Mith Von Voodoo and Laith Tyranny who turn the sound up to eleven.

Finally, she wants to dance….

…”Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good.”

In the Main Room from 8pm

Free Entry

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