Hideous Sun Demon’s thrashing brand of psych-punk music has returned in all its glory, with the release of their new single, ‘Antithesis’ off their long awaited 3rd studio album ‘Fame, Erotic, Dream’ out July 27th. Along with the releases of their brand spanking new album, HSD will be touring nationally this August through September bringing their infamous non-stop high energy live show to a venue near you thanks to Damaged & Hell Beach!

Resembling a pack of cut lizards on stage, Hideous Sun Demon are not to be missed when playing in your town. Trekking around the east coast, down to Tasmania and back out West to finish in their hometown, Hideous Sun Demon’s ‘Fame, Erotic, Dream Tour’ will leave you enthralled and stunned, wanting more as the band roar through song after song with a blistering energy oozing from every pore.

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