Brush the clubwebs off your dancing stompers, grab life by the ghoulies and wriggle on down to the Bird for a one off dungeon plungin’ evening with special guest ghosts.

THEME: witches, ghosts and everything goth
ENTRY: $5 cash on the door
Cups of Cauldron Quench: $5

Put the ‘we’ in ouija and join the BOKkult

Scaryoke 8.00-9.30
*Tarot readings* from 8.00

Pip 8.00-9.00
Hyperpussy 9.00-10.30
*cremation* 10.30
Verry Scerry Special Guests 10.30-12.00

the perfect place to ghost old tinder flames

get spooped / get sister sinister / get skeeowd

sexy / seductive / creamatorium

So grab five bucks out your mummy’s tomb and float on over for an experience of delights and terrors conjured by the twisted minds (rawr XD) of House of BOK.

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