Blue Room Theatre – PENTHOUSE

Penthouse parades you through the vulgar reality that surrounds high-end living; the numbness of wealth, the need for power, and an unquenchable thirst for entertainment.

Griffin, the billionaire tycoon, is ruthless in his pursuit of stimulation; price is no issue, and when you’re the elite there are no rules either. Griffin’s protégé Cal is determined to score a slice of his wealth, and so seems the same with Finn, the striving musician Griffin takes under his wing. How far will they go for a taste of the 1%?

A heart-stopping work from theatre larrikins Lazy Yarns (Less Light), Penthouse serves you up a silver platter of high-octane greed, violence and masculinity.

Once you’re at the top it’s a long way back to the bottom.

Tickets can be found here

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