For the first year ever REVELATION FILM FESTIVAL is bringing to you this unique filmmaking/music collaboration.

The idea is simple…

1. Filmmakers get to choose a song from a list supplied to us by more than 50 local musicians, DJs or groups.
2. Make a video.
3. Submit that sucker.
4. Get judged.
5. Come to the screening!

Some bands are involved, some are not and in most instances the bands will have no idea what the clip will look like. If everyone’s happy the clip might become the bands official video and the filmmakers rocketed to international creative stardom! (or something like that).

The screening will take place on a special evening at Freo.Social and judged by a panel of esteemed industry and filmy types in a night that’s bound to be full of a ton of surprises and lots of cool activity.

Anyone under 18 attending must be accompanied by an adult.

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