ELI GREENEYES She Don’t Care gets 8.5/10

Eli Greeneyes

She Don’t Care


Local singer-songwriter Eli Greeneyes has just released his new track She Don’t Care along with a music video, celebrating the launch with a performance at Indian Ocean Hotel last month. This single follows on from his recent collaborations with Perth rapper Drapht, including Hypocrite and Problem Here.

She Don’t Care is about not allowing anyone else control you and to make your own decisions. According to Eli, the song is inspired by someone who came back into his life during a period of poor mental health, manipulating his decisions, losing control of himself in the process. Eli wrote the song believing it was their fault, but realising he was to blame as well.

It’s obvious Eli Greeneyes is passionate about this song because there’s more energy in his vocals compared to his other pieces. He’s projecting his experiences and emotions to allow the listener to understand something that’s impacted him deeply, an event that most likely helped shape who he is now.

The instrumentals on this track are soft and smooth, akin to last year’s 21. It starts off with the building strums of a guitar and rhythmic lyrics sung in a vividly raw tone. The vocals then shift to become more intense and echoed, along with the instrumentals, fitting the impassioned energy that Eli Greeneyes is projecting.

In the end, he repeats the first line, “she wears sunglasses inside because her confidence is bright. She’s already one of the pros now.” Rather than returning to the lower tone from the beginning, he softly continues in the high octave at the end, where his voice tails off conveying resignation and disappointment.

This pattern fits Eli Greeneyes’ message and his experience perfectly. The initial flat vocals indicates the control he’s under, then the emotion returning is him regaining control, then it ends off with his disappointment with himself for allowing this to happen.

She Don’t Care is a step up for Eli Greeneyes that stands well above most his other songs, with a message that many can relate to, administered with a balance of softness and passion. It goes to show how far Eli Greeneyes’ music can go and how far his innovation and experience can take him.


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