ELECTRIC STATE Blood brothers

Since forming 18 months ago, local grunge rockers Electric State have come a long way, releasing a slew of singles and videos and embarking on a number of regional tours. Now they’re set to unleash new single We’re Just Blood with a launch show at Amplifier on Saturday, January 18. BRAYDEN EDWARDS spoke to lead vocalist Rob Viney about how the band came together over a shared love for VB, finding their distinct flavour of rock, and what we can look forward to on the night.

So how did Electric State come to be?

Mojos… it’s pretty funny as it’s pretty seminal in the Perth music scene. We were all playing in different bands and all playing similar grunge rock stuff. Started chatting about our musical influences, and we all bonded over our love of VB! The rest, as they say, is history.

Had any of you guys played music together before in other bands?

Not really, but Perth is a pretty tight space. We’d all seen each other around in various incarnations.

And what is different in terms of style and direction with Electric State from what you have done before musically?

We’ve all played different styles of rock. With this band, it’s a different flavour so it’s the first time playing this type of rock, grunge and punk for all of us.

You’re about to debut a new single We’re Just Blood at Amplifier Bar, what’s the track about and why was it chosen to be a single amongst the many other songs you have written?

The song is based around the fact that everyone is just blood. No one should think they are better than anyone else. Everyone has skills and everyone has their own beliefs. It’s not about going on holiday when there’s a crisis. It’s not about demanding to be honoured. It’s facing up to the fact we are all just blood and we need to get along. We’re not here to fuck spiders!

For a band that has been together less than two years you seem to have a come a long way with your live shows, winning two Battle of the Bands competitions and doing a number of regional tours. What do you find people enjoy so much about the Electric State live show?

Our energy on stage. We try and give energy and involve people in our shows with chants and singing. You’ll never forget an Electric State show, because the audience is part of it… and Janice will find you (Rob’s Megaphone)!

And what has been your most memorable live show to date and why was that?

It’s a tough call, but Gidgestock 2019 was amazing with over 1200 people watching and helping raise $15k for the West Gidgegannup Fire Brigade and $15k for the Leukaemia Foundation. But also playing to a literally packed room when we opened up the heavy WAMFest 2019 show in November at Amplifier alongside Human Effigy, All This Filth, Tempest Rising and Illyria!

Who else have you got playing at the launch show on January 18 and why were they a good fit for an Electric State gig?

We have a killer line up. We have Dying Kings (an awesome new metal band), the amazing Lo-Fire (a cranking rock band), and we have the fantastic new band called Ashes of Autumn. This is their first show but all musical veterans from other bands. Then backing us up is our mates in the awesome Applebite the Beggars on Acid. All these bands are amazing.

What’s coming up for the band for the rest of 2020 and beyond? Any more shows or new music we can look forward to?

We’ve got new singles to release, new video clips, booked for festivals, an East coast tour, and lots more VB! But a dream for us, if we can get it together for 2020, would be to do a ‘Triple Electric’ gig with, Electric Mary, Legs Electric and yours truly Electric State.

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