EARLY BIRD MC 21st Century Blues gets 7.5/10

Early Bird MC
21st Century Blues


Local hip hop act Early Bird MC has kicked off an ambitious string of six monthly releases (including three singles, two music videos and an album) with the track 21st Century Blues this month. Early Bird isn’t cut from the same cloth as many of the stars we associate with hip hop; he’s educated, middle class, white and he knows it. But instead of this being something Early Bird weaves around, he takes the matter head on without any apologies.

As far as style goes, Early Bird MC is a tapestry of the best of hip hop influences from different styles and eras. He illustrates his dilemma of “sitting here suffering from first world problems,” patently aware of how his story might contrast those of his idols. And the fingerprints of those influences are all over this track, with the cadence of Eminem, the famed tongue in cheek wit of skip hop acts like Hilltop Hoods or the earnest humour of Beastie Boys. The beat lags behind the lyrics (but in a classy Flume-ish manner) which give his voice a feeling of more urgency.

There are plenty of slick lines throughout the verses, as Early Bird ruminates on the dilemma of making ethical decisions about the prosaic minutiae of life like managing budgets and buying groceries, spitting out “No GMO, all organic, when you see the price though, there’s no need to panic.” The chorus drives the message home: “I’m sick of watching the news, I feel alone and confused, I’ve got the 21st Century Blues.” The whole song keeps you leaning forward for the next line as Early Bird’s imagination boils over, so it really only is when the chorus repeats itself, and the listener knows what’s coming next, that the song is momentarily reflective.

Ultimately, it’s an insightful track that merits replays and consideration of the message behind it. It’s a worthy introduction to a fresh hip hop artist on the Perth scene and it’ll be interesting to see what he brings next.


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