DONNY BENET Girl of My Dreams gets 7/10

Donny Benet

Girl of My Dreams
Dot Dash/Remote Control


Donny Benet. International Man of Mystery. Bronze God. Renaissance Dude. Michelangelo’s David Duchovny. Prince on a serious budget cut. He goes by many names. The one constant in this man’s life is his ability to deliver one sun-blasted synth-pop banger after another.

Consider this no exception. Girl of My Dreams has all the hallmarks. Smooth bassline? Check. Sexy synth chords? Check. Questionable yet irresistible singing? Check. Sure, the lower tempo makes the clunky melody more apparent, but that is the price we pay when Donny chooses to focus less on vibrating our feet and more on vibrating our loins. This is Donny Benet by way of Barry White, and for that we can all be thankful.

Listening to this number is akin to marching through a quicksand pit of emotion, so be warned. Donny may easily break your heart and grind it into a fine paste, like the human mortar and pestle that he is.  But for those of you who make it to the other side, you shall be rewarded.


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