DAVEY LANE @ Mojos Bar gets 8/10

Davey Lane @ Mojos Bar
w/ The Psychotic Reactions, Michael Savage
Sunday, August 5, 2018


Australian singer-songwriter Davey Lane, best known as lead guitarist from You Am I, was in WA with his three-piece band last week performing a series of material from his reputable solo career.

Lane has an excellent back catalogue, and has performed in bands The Pictures and The Wrights while working in the studio and on stage with artists such as Crowded House, Jimmy Barnes, Robyn Hitchcock, Master’s Apprentices and The Saints. With an excellent line up including Michael Savage and The Psychotic Reactions, Lane and his band put on an excellent show on Sunday night.

Michael Savage

Michael Savage and his band opened the show at 6.45pm, playing original material from his recent album Won’t Die Wondering, and performing yet another brilliant set following their recent launch. His vocals, riffs, uniqueness and creativity; Savage’s band sounds unified and musically perfect when performing live. Their song composition, harmonies, moody guitar riffs, Savage’s vocals, their stage presence – they should be touring Won’t Die Wondering internationally.

The Psychotic Reactions

The Psychotic Reactions were up next, a Fremantle-based, 60s garage rock styled four-piece, named after the song Psychotic Reaction by Count Five. As a fan of Count Five, their name already appealed to me but when actually listening to their music, their sound was even more impressive.

The Psychotic Reactions

Garage rock is such an appealing genre that the band effectively make use of to produce original, short, groovy and catchy future hits. They stay true to the genre and genuinely sound like a 60s garage rock band. The incorporation of 60s-sounding keyboard riffs that run throughout their sound reminds me of classic garage sounding hits such as 96 Tears by ? and the Mysterians and adds such a raw, energetic groove to their sound, which distinguishes them from a lot of local acts. Vocalist and guitarist Hannah showcased excellent guitar work and her voice perfectly complemented the style of their music.

Davey Lane

Davey Lane was joined by a three-piece backing band consisting of Zachery Crozier and Brett Wolfie (from Melbourne based Wesley Fuller) and Jamie Turner (from MYTHS).

Lane produced fast, full riffs on a classic Les Paul, and stage kicks and power jumps, creating a strong and exciting performance. His vocals are powerful and fit well with every song performed. Lane performed original favourites including You’re The Cops, I’m The Crime and Witch In My Mind as well as a few covers from bands including Wings.

Lane’s choice of backing band is also impressive. Bass player Zachery Crozier’s bass riffs stand out and he adds excellent vocal harmonies that complement Lane’s vocals. He also dresses the part, sporting flared jeans with a mod polo shirt and a mop-top/mod haircut with side burns, and wearing a replica Brian Jones stripped mod suit at The Rosemount the night before. His presence adds to the image of the band and his bass work interacts brilliantly with Wolfie’s drum work, creating a strong rhythm section that can be heard in their work with Wesley Fuller. Jamie Turner from MYTHS is also a talented musician who’s keyboard playing rounded out the sound.

Overall Lane’s performance confirmed his growing status as reputable frontman with brilliant stage production and a continuous ability to create excellent and original hits. It was great to listen to a fantastic line up of original and talented Australian musicians.

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