At this time of year, the film festivals certainly come thick and fast. In its third year, The Czech and Slovak Film Festival WA is managing to do a few things to distinguish itself from the crowd this year.

From the October 18-22 the festival will be spread across three locations, covering eight films in five days. One of those locations will be the Fly By Night club, which will be screening the short independent film Roots In Ego, teamed with a DJ to provide a unique take on the electronic music themed movie.

The rest of the films in the festival mark a diverse variety of genres. Thrillers, dramas, angelic comedies and World War II films, there should be something screening at the Backlot, or Cinema Paradiso, for almost anyone’s tastes.

The Czech and Slovak Film Festival WA starts October 18, and screens at Cinema Paradiso, Backlot and Fly By Night. Ticket are on sale now.

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