CIRQUE DU SOLEIL: KOOZA In tents performance


We sent CLARE KAT to the premiere of Cirque Du Soleil’s incredible new show Kooza last Thursday and what she saw took her breath away. Kooza is in Perth from now until June 11. Tickets are on sale from cirquedusoleil.com/kooza. Look out for a full review live on the X-Press website soon.

Premiere night saw patrons greeted, upon arrival, with free champagne, popcorn and a monogrammed Cirque Du Soleil cupcake of Miss Maude fame. A delightful welcome to set the mood for a great evening’s entertainment. Oh, and  parking was a breeze.

Many times throughout the performance, I found myself either holding my breath or simply sitting open mouthed with my jaw dropped. Such was the skill, the precision, the energy and the gravity defying acts of this talented and professional cast.

The show started right on time with three clowns, whose antics were reminiscent of the Three Stooges. They were very funny.  The clowns were joined on and around the stage by other characters including a sleazy cohort, flashing goods from inside his overcoat. He was promptly chased off stage by a security guard lurking in the isles.  The clowns also engaged the audience very effectively, creating raucous laughter with their high jinx. I’ll say no more, but there is this dog…..


Double high wire – Kooza

Every Cirque Du Soleil show has a story laced through the acrobatics and comical antics.  KOOZA is about a young, kite flying character whose journey is reflected through various emotions, as encountered by the fantasy world of death defying acrobatics and comical escapades. All set to a haunting musical score that undulates with intense energy and passion.  This musical score was delivered by a live band on stage, with a note perfect, female lead vocal.

The audience was entertained and mesmerised by acts of acrobatic precision, high energy thrills and excitement that at times, had the audience gasping in unison.  From a hoop contortionist to the Wheel of Death, to the double high wire act, this show was two hours of pure adrenalin.

Wheel Of Death - Kooza

Wheel Of Death – Kooza

Kudos to the amazingly talented and super fit performers who delivered a perfect show with not one slip up. Amazing, considering their high flying acts and challenging acrobatic routines.

KOOZA delivered a fabulous night’s entertainment that delighted young and old and everyone in between.  The audience showed their appreciation with spontaneous and exuberant applause which culminated in a standing ovation through two curtain calls.

Photos by cirquedusoleil.com

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