CHILDREN COLLIDE Aurora gets 7.5/10

Children Collide

Spinning Top/Caroline


In what was exciting news for fans, Children Collide not only announced a couple of East Coast tours recently, they also released new song Aurora – their first in six years, and on WA label Spinning Top no less.

While Children Collide hadn’t been around the longest time before drummer Ryan Caesar quit the band and Johnny Mackay left for New York, the impact they made on Aussie music was big enough to leave a hole with their disappearance. They never officially ended the band but the hope that they would get back together and start writing again faded with each year they were gone.

They started teasing everyone last year and even though we were hopeful, there was still that niggling feeling of doubt hanging over the posts. We would believe it when there was a new track or a tour announcement.

So is it worth the wait? The short answer is definitely yes. Aurora is like we’ve been transported back in time, or rather, that no time has passed at all. With their familiar, thrashing indie rock, Children Collide are back and hopefully this time, they are here to stay.

Then there’s the long answer, which is that anything Children Collide related would always be worth the wait because, because even if we had to sit through their new stuff to hear the old stuff, it meant that they were back and on that stage performing. Now just waiting on the WA gig announcements, thank you.


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