CHATTERS Still Chatting gets 7/10

Still Chatting


Still Chatting is the second EP from the 24-year-old Perth born and raised “electrician by day, rapper by night” Chatters. After first arriving on the scene in 2018 with single Lonely Days, Chatters has been grinding hard ever since, dropping an additional three singles and an EP, Chat Room, in 2020. 

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, last year’s EP received a muted release, and it is therefore great to see that Chatters is not only progressing, but has remained his upbeat and playful self as he works across a variety of hip hop styles on the seven tracks that comprise Still Chatting

The EP kicks off with Rich & Fame, a funky number that merges sharp keyboard stabs, old school vocal samples and vinyl scratches with a gloriously catchy chorus. Those Nights follows and sounds like it is drawn from Chatters’ real life. On the track, Chatters reflects on what could have been after a night, and draws the listener in with his lively and entertaining rhymes. 

Around is the poppiest number on the record, seamlessly gliding along over clean-riffing guitars while Over & Thrown is a slower, funky soul track that really stands out from the rest, thanks in part to the sultry vocals of Olivia De Melo as the lead in the chorus.

F.T.U is the most rocking of all the tracks with its distorted guitars, heavy drums, and choruses of “Wo-oh!”

Last and by no means least is the EP’s first single, Someday Soon. Featuring a splendid sample of Ann-Margret’s 1964 Northern Soul sleeper hit of the same name, the track is a hands-raised, party starter.

On Still Chatting, Chatters demonstrates that he has the Aussie hip-hop blueprint down pat. Both musically and stylistically there are many similarities to Skip Hop greats such as Hilltop Hoods, Bliss N Eso, and Urthboy. Chatter’s tales are a major drawcard, as is his consistent, upbeat flow that in typical Aussie hip-hop style, land heavy on the two and four beats, and it is very exciting to think of what lies in Chatter’s future as he continues to hone his craft and further develop his own style.


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