BUTTER @ The Bird gets 7.5/10

Butter Butch & Bobbito launch @ The Bird
w/ Haircare, Sara Salt
Saturday, May 18, 2019


The Bird was its usual self on a Saturday night: people milling about, many braving the cold to have a smoke. First on the line up was the Sara Salt band, fast becoming a staple in the Perth scene, playing opening gigs for numerous Perth bands such as Spacey Jane and Airline Food. With their performance at The Bird it was easy to see why.  Haunting melodies, genuine friendship, and evocative cello… what more could you want?  Their set never ceased to strike with its fullness and emotion, along with the warmth which the group brought to the stage. Their next gig is at the Four5Nine on Sunday, June 2 then Salary’s album launch the following Saturday, so head down and check ’em out.

Sara Salt

Five-piece Haircare felt like they were stumbling towards an unstable future, or maybe that was just because it was election day and the general consensus of most people in The Bird was not elated. The normal stage set up for The Bird was shifted around to make room for their two keyboards, drummer and two guitarists. Drums were set up on the side and it was nice to get a better vantage point to see the drummer as they bopped around enthralled in the set. They’ve got a certain Strokes-like quality, with a shifting coastal mood coming through in their complimenting harmonies. The rippling drumming complimented the music and established a beat which furthered their tracks. Not surprisingly, all the band members have good hair, so if you’re watching a set with a bunch of guys with great hair, that’s probably Haircare. The music really felt like the whole band’s emotions, a collective experience. I think this quality is what makes their music universal but personal. Despite the enriching keyboard skills, the guitar didn’t fall by the wayside. They had some killer guitar riffs which gave the crowd an extra kick. Haircare are set to release their latest single H0t T0pic at Mojos Bar on Thursday, June 6.


The lead singer of Butter, G-Loch, sounded like a pack a day smoker. Was he bitching and whining about the same old things? Maybe, but it’s very relatable. Most of the band look like they enjoy themselves on stage, and the crowd was packed. There’s not a lot to dislike within Butter’s music since it seemed to bring a lot of enjoyment to a bevy of people and they’re clearly a talented bunch. G-Loch’s persona kicked up a gear when he lost the guitar, dominating the stage. Butter is a dynamic band that impress a lot of people due to their style and charm. It’s also a great way to see King Krule (the UK jazz fusion/ post-punk act they are most often compared to) without having to pay through the nose.


Everything got a little dark and stormy as Butter started up their new single which they launched that night, called Butch & Bobbito. The crowd got shuffling and there was a collective feeling of something a little sinister coming out in this new track. Scary but catchy as all hell, the new single felt like a perfect soundtrack to The Purge. Butch & Bobbito can be found on Spotify, Unearthed and Soundcloud, so go give it a listen. The band finished with fan favourite, previous release Hocus Pocus which is mean and gruelly and a perfect way.


Photos by Linda Dunjey

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