Breathe Carolina



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Following the departure of vocalist Kyle Even, Breathe Carolina were forced to regroup for their fourth studio album Savages, which throws away some of their rockier influences and brings some all out dance and synthcore tracks.

The genre has its strong followers and brutal haters; with Savages receiving a vast array of critical response. For me… it’s brilliant. I’m not proud to say it; but Savages is immensely catchy, thunderously pumping and the biggest guilty pleasure since Cedric Gervais’ Summertime Sadness remix. Providing the perfect amount of ferocity in Sell Outs and a best friend for your subwoofer in Collide, the album is a constant enjoyment of enjoyable dance tunes. It does have a huge drop in quality towards the tail end of the album with the lyrical and musical atrocity Chasing Hearts and the uneventful Mistakes. That being said; opener Bury Me has one of the biggest openers to date whilst Bang It Out is the ‘white-girl’ anthem of the year.

Savages is a hit-and-miss album and luckily for the Colorado quartet; their emphatic choruses and pounding beats have sailed them across the line.



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