BOY GIRL Twitchin’ in your Sleep gets 8.5/10

Twitchin’ in your Sleep


Local Perth act BOY GIRL’s latest release, Twitchin’ in your Sleep is a frantic, high energy track nostalgic for nineties alt-rock. With a sound reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age, this unsettling track has a big sound, perfectly capturing the energy of the band’s live shows.

Known previously as Gypsy Girl, Twitchin’ in your Sleep is a track that seems to expand in your mouth. While the song starts big, there is an intimacy here too. Lead singer and guitarist, Luke Irvine, sings about a longing to leave his life and run away, wanting to follow a gypsy girl he met only a week ago. The heavy riffs vary, suggesting possibility; a possibility that is left as an unanswered question. Chantal Inskip and Irvine’s gritty vocals also give the song that nineties alt edge, embedding it with movement and irregularity that fit well with the themes in the lyrics.

While it’s hard to pick a highlight in this four-piece band, notable mention goes to Bangladeshi heavy rock royalty Nads Walid (Mechanix) on bass, whose pace suggests the movement and travel the singer aspires to. The song, while hopeful, also has an undertone of sadness and longing. Drummer, Aaron Muller, eases off the beat each time Irvine suggests running away; “we could fly out tonight…” he sings, the question left lingering, answerless.

Ultimately, this song is freeing. Irvine leaves the choices up to the woman, making this a song about letting go and removing inhibitions. By demonstrating quality storytelling on this release, BOY GIRL have taken us on an impulsive journey with the backing of blistering bass-heavy riffs.