Boss Guitar Effects Processor

Boss Guitar Effects Processor copyThe Boss GT-001 re-packages the acclaimed amps and effects of the GT-100 in a stylish desktop processor for home studio set-ups. The interface makes it simple to dial in tones for recording and practice. All the connectivity one could ask for is on board, including a standard guitar input, an XLR mic input for capturing vocals or acoustic instruments, and the built-in USB audio/MIDI interface for direct connection to users’ preferred software.

One genuinely interesting feature is a newly developed guitar-to-MIDI function allowing players to have fun with Guitar Friend Jam and other computer programs from a normal guitar input without the requirement of a MIDI pickup.

A free download in the form of Boss Tone Studio software provides an interface for tweaking tones from the computer screen, plus access to Boss Tone Central for free studio-ready patches.

This compact unit will not convert any guitarists to COSM amp modelling and multi-effects devices: players either like them or they don’t. As a result this unit will most likely find a home as an addition to many multi-effects devotees’ home studio set-ups. The tones on offer are on par with Boss’ GT series and similarly to many of those units the tones ‘straight out of the box’ are in many cases over the top and requiring some finessing for more useable sounds.

At just $399, the Boss GT001 Desktop Multi-effects Processor will provide reliable Boss modelling tones while saving users valuable desk space in a home recording setting.

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