BEN CATLEY Run gets 8.5/10

Ben Catley ft. Wim Hof



Ben Catley’s joyous new release, Run, is a motivational journey of self-discovery, health, and fitness performance that will change your attitude towards exercise. Performing at festivals amongst the likes of Xavier Rudd, John Butler and Ben Harper, Catley has grown into a captivating performer, and this song, with its big sound, is no exception.

Through his mesmerising guitar playing and huge vocals, Catley has produced a standout track with Run. A hybrid of meditation and jazz, this upbeat song takes you on a journey of being present in your own body, and of being aware of the world around you. Catley’s love of the outdoors is the heartbeat of this song. A free-solo rock climber, trail runner and ice bath enthusiast, Catley embeds this song with personal life lessons. The track also features inspirational legend, the Dutch “Ice Man” Wim Hof, an extreme athlete whose breathing exercises form a steady baseline, making this a very grounding song.

The fast beat makes this the perfect running song. However, Wim Hof’s meditations also make you feel relaxed and peaceful, an emotion also evident through the folky strumming of the guitar. While Eamon Dilworth’s (Tijuana Cartel) trumpet turns the experience into a celebration, he holds the notes loosely, making the song relaxed. Dilworth times his playing with the meditation track, slowing, even stopping, giving listeners the chance to tune the world out and slow down their body. “Let’s give it all we’ve got,” Hof says “you are almost there.” This song really is one of a kind, with Catley delivering a truly unique slice of motivational folksy-jazz.