BECK Uneventful Days gets 6.5/10


Uneventful Days


Ahead of the release of his new album Hyperspace (out Friday, November 22) Beck’s presented us with a pair of new singles including the second track on the album, Uneventful Days (short and sweet dreamy number Hyperlife is the other). Never quite knowing what we can expect from an artist like Beck, Uneventful Days captures yet another new phase, featuring co-writing and co-production from Pharrell Williams.

Following the alternative sounds of 2017 album Colors, it’s certainly a collaborative effort of musical styles, with Williams having worked on seven of the upcoming album’s 11 tracks. The album title Hyperspace in itself suggests interstellar themes, that when joined forces with Williams could lead to a powerful track. 

Channelling an updated 80s sound with a heavy synth and a light oscillation, Uneventful Days remains consistent from start to finish, although the instrumental backing lacks build. The lyrics open with the track’s title: “Uneventful days, uneventful nights/ living in that dark, waiting for the light,” Beck’s voice casual and slightly refined in this track with lyrics that express themes of contrast although little suggests anything along the lines of its supposedly cosmic themes.

The track is minimalistic and may not be what die hard Beck fans are chasing (the way previous Pharrell collaboration Saw Lightning from April did, for example). But if there’s anything that we’ve learnt over the years from Beck, he not afraid to change it up.


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