BC CAMPLIGHT I’m Desperate gets 9/10

BC Camplight
I’m Desperate
Bella Union/[PIAS]/Inertia


The first time I tried to listen to this song, I shut it down after the first 20 seconds. I wasn’t quite ready to be slapped in the face by it. The second, I got halfway before again I closed it, feeling like I needed to find the right time and place to really connect to the song. A couple of days later, walking to the bus station, I gave it another go. I had it blasting through my earphones when it was raining, and I was freezing. Although this track would be too intense to add to my everyday playlist, it deserves no score less than a 9.

The ghostly intro winds up the muscles in the back of your neck as that uncomfortable electric melody sits behind the remainder of the track. It demands your attention, growing increasingly frantic as heavy synths play in conjunction to it, setting a cold and angsty tone that is matched by the exasperated and uncontrolled vocals of lead singer, Brian Christinzio.

It is an uncomfortable song to listen to, but with the inspiration of Brexit Britain and the political landscape of America inspiring its creation, it is genius. It’s paranoid, it’s dangerous and it’s really fucking powerful. The artist takes you on this trapped and constricting journey that is intended to make you feel uncomfortable to convey his representation of his inner turmoil and his understanding of the world around him. I mean, he almost does it too well.

It certainly has us excited for BC Camplight’s new album Deportation Blues (out August 24).


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