BAD//DREEMS @ Rock Rover gets 8.5/10

Bad//Dreems @ Rock Rover
w/ Cash Savage and the Last Drinks
Friday, November 8, 2019


Melbourne support act Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, showcased their unique alt-country take on pub rock to the small but growing audience at one of Freo’s newest venues, Rock Rover. Though it is essentially just a re-configuration of Fremantle Oval’s existing clubroom, the space has been well thought out, giving punters and the bands plenty of space to move, while also allowing an intimacy between the two, not dissimilar to Badlands.

Cash Savage & The Last Drinks

Lead vocalist Cash Savage commanded the stage from the get-go. Thanks to a combination of her powerful voice and sneering persona, Savage welcomed punters “to the annual South Freo pageant” before launching into the moody-rocker Pack Animals from the group’s 2018 album, Good Citizens.

The slower Sunday was a standout moment, with Savage moving in front of the foldback speakers to sing directly to the audience, while next track Run With the Dogs showcased violin and keyboard, allowing the band to transcend traditional rock territory. Last song of the set was the swampy blues-number Rat-a-tat-tat, which resonated throughout the venue with conviction thanks to its sprawling guitar layers and lyrical call and response. A tremendous performance, Savage and band could easily have headlined the night.


However, Adelaide five-piece Bad//Dreems are not ones to go down without a fight, and the crowd was certainly on their side; many sporting the band’s merchandise and singing along word for word. Third song, Dumb Ideas, pushed things up a gear, as the mosh gathered momentum and the first stage divers of the night took flight. Equally well received, Gutful and Piss Christ had the crowd singing and swaying their arms along in time, as the divide between the band and audience continued to erode.


As per the band’s recent LP, Doomsday Ballet, the band’s set demonstrated their increased sonic palette and growing political and social conscience. This was most notable with the addition of mid-tempo tunes such as Sally’s Place and Low Life into the set, songs that share more in common with The Triffids or Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever than AC/DC or Eddy Current Suppression Ring.


Bringing things to a close, the band launched into the recent rock-heavy singles, Morning Rain and Double Dreaming, and had the crowd singing and pointing along in agreement. With drinks spilt and bodies sweaty, both bands had given all and have the right to tick off another successful outing on their Doomsday Ballet national tour.


Photos by Annie Harvey

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