ANTI-FLAG Hate Conquers All gets 9/10


Hate Conquers All


Along with the announcement of forthcoming album 20/20 Vision on January 17, Anti-Flag dropped album opener Hate Conquers All. Hot on the trail of anti-fascism anthem Christian Nationalist, it’s a timely drop, taking aim at the hate and prejudice current US politics constantly feeds society.

Contrary to the title, Hate Conquers All is more a battle score against hate. Against the Trump Administration more specifically, and the societal unrest it encourages. Described by Anti-Flag vocalist and bassist Chris #2 as “a kneejerk reaction to the idea of Love Trumps Hate and this idea that love can beat back hatred”.

Hate Conquers All opens with a fitting, yet cringeworthy, sample of Trump himself from a presidential rally. From the second the band kicks off though, Anti-Flag’s message is loud and clear throughout the stomp inducing track. A protest anthem, or riot anthem if you see fit, fuelled by a ravenous beat and angsty vocals that’ll have fist-raised crowds united.

Always ones to stand up against the world’s wrongs, 20/20 Vision will undoubtedly be another politically driven album from Anti-Flag. Something with meaning, calling out the bullshit for what it is, while also laying down some dope punk beats to rock out to.

If there was ever a more fitting time for Anti-Flag to stand for the people, it’s now. January 17 can’t come soon enough.


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