ALI BARTER @ The Rosemount gets 7/10

Ali Barter @ The Rosemount Hotel
w/ Flossy, Haircare
Friday, October 25, 2019


Melbourne native Ali Barter brought her Hello, I’m Doing My Best tour to Perth’s Rosemount Hotel last Friday.¬†Haircare¬†opened the evening to several clusters of early comers, their spacey brand of smart indie pop was soothing and unique, intricate rhythm sections and an atmospheric aura had the room in good spirits. Although a little shy and perhaps a little lower energy than expected, the four piece presented an extremely well crafted selection, closing with a dancier number which had the growing crowd drawn to the stage.

Sister band Flossy confidently took their place and opened with their single Holiday, a heavy, high energy moment that set the tone immediately. A seamless mix between grunge and pop, the trio shared several intimate and endearing moments, sharing jokes and laughs while delivering one of their best shows yet. Due to a last minute line up change and the inclusion of past drummer, Steve D’Angelo, the sisters included a stripped version of new track Carry On, a risky choice that paid off. The dynamic shift led to a heavy hitting close, the audience interactive and excited to hear recent single Being Alone. Flossy left the room buzzing, the anticipation growing as phones were tentatively placed in back pockets, groups merging to the barrier.

Ali Barter

Ali Barter took to the stage, playing perfectly into the vibe of the room with Backseat. Bass in hand, the crowd grew tight and sang back to her, a flurry of hands and fists in the air and a few excitable jumpers already. Sliding into Cigarette, popular track from previous record A Suitable Girl, the nostalgic, grungier side of Barter had fans even more responsive.

Ali Barter

There wasn’t a lot of time between songs, a moment here or there where Barter expressed her gratitude or plugged her new record, but for the most part each moment just rolled into the next. It was occasionally hard to decipher each song from the next, but the mosh pit of observers seemed to know every word and didn’t mind at all. Occasionally pitchy but understandably nervous, Barter’s voice was powerful and travelled to every corner of the room. She and the band executed the set without flaw, though it would have been interesting to see what happened if Barter got out from behind her bass, or even increased interaction between members on stage.

Ali Barter

Closing with huge hit Girlie Bits, Barter gave Perth fans a very satisfying show; a set comprised of the best of both of her records, a few genuine moments of interaction, and a professional execution of her music.


Photos by Shaun Noonan

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