AIRLINE FOOD Axe Murderer gets 7/10

Airline Food
Axe Murderer


They’re kind of big in Japan, and Perth band Airline Food has just released another banger that will make you transcend this earthly plane. Their third single blends a good dose of King Gizzard, Mac Demarco and Pond yet stays innovative and distinctive in a genre that seems to be semi-saturated on the large stage. Latest song Axe Murderer breaks away from their past singles which have more of a lo-fi, jangle pop influence, and traverses further into a distorted 80s pop tune.

Axe Murderer showcases the band’s strengths and talents, starting off with curving breakneck riffs that echo throughout the song, while distorted vocals transform their sound to a dirtier one more reminiscent one of King Gizz. With synths that bounce around the song like harmonious children in a bouncy castle of sound, it points the band in a more neo-psychedelic direction which fits them like a glove. The song’s got a lot going on, but unlike many bands, the lyrics don’t suffer for it: “So tell me where your freedom lies/ I never meant to make you cry” unveils that this is tangled love song for sure.

The new single is progressive for their sound but stays true to their roots. This space opera of a tune leaves the listener 1000 light-years from home, and happy about it. Catch these boys around town in their all-white turtle necks.


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