ADAM SPARK Bird’s eye view

Adam Spark, key founder and driving force behind ARIA Award-winning band Birds Of Tokyo has released his first solo single, In Closure. It is the first piece of work lifted from Spark’s upcoming neo-classical album Snow vs Mountain due for release later this year.

In Closure is a piece about that moment when everything changes. “Hope and forward movement are born out of the stillness which follows life’s low moments, and you don’t know what you’re going to do next,” Spark said. “It felt right to launch this Snow vs Mountain project with this piece after the last couple of difficult years that we, as humanity, have all shared together. There is always light ahead of us and so I wanted this work to bloom and blossom and glow with big, beautiful strings to remind us of this.”

Created across Sydney, Byron Bay and London over three years, Spark collaborated with Otto Wicks Green from sleepmakeswaves and British arranger Audrey Riley who has worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Coldplay, The Smiths and Birds of Tokyo. Spark travelled to London’s Assault and Battery studios for the project, with some of the UK’s most revered orchestral players from the West End and Hans Zimmer’s crew bringing his compositions to life.

Snow vs Mountain will make its live premiere at Sydney’s Vivid Festival on Saturday, June 18. The multimedia performance will feature abstract visuals based on the imperfection of life which promises to draw listeners into an intimate and fragile world before lifting them into the night.

Adam Spark from Birds of Tokyo has released his debut single In Closure from his upcoming album Snow vs Mountain. Check it out below.

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