ABORTED TORTOISE Violent Consumers gets 8/10

Aborted Tortoise 

Violent Consumers
Goodbye Boozy 


Perth-based punk outfit Aborted Tortoise have given us a prophetic track, Violent Consumers, about a capitalistic, post-apocalyptic time.

It feels eerily alike to the consumeristic chaos we’re facing currently, where we line up for supermarkets, fight over toilet paper and spend more time consuming than creating. Italian label Goodbye Boozy Records, who hosts artists include Ty Segall and Live Fast Die, invited the band to record a 7″. Violent Consumer is one of four tracks off their upcoming EP Scale Model Subsistence Vendor, due out (physically) on May 1.

Recorded on their four-track and mixed by drummer Alex Patching, the DIY element brings an anarchic intensity to the song. Lead singer Connor Lane’s full-throated fuzzy vocals escalate from Coles Minis to human sacrifice and World War III. Strangely these lyrics are fitting within our current climate, where we devour entire shelves at the supermarket, are at war with a global pandemic and when forced to sacrifice parts of our freedom, are realising how heavily our society and economy relies on our ability to consume. The pandemonium being felt in this moment manifests within the aggressive instrumentals and manic guitar lines of Violent Consumer.


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