5 Key Features that Define SEO-Friendly Hosting are Powerful Tools

The online market is booming and evolving at a fast rate. With millions of websites available on search engines, they all are eager to grab the top three spots on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The two most powerful tools that can boost your sales and improve your website performance are SEO and Web Hosting. Search Engine Optimization is a set of rules that can be implemented on your website so that it increases traffics which brings in more leads. Since Microsoft announced it as the number one marketing skill for marketers to master back in 2018, businesses have been quick to hire SEO companies to help them with their SEO strategy.  

(5 Key Features that Define SEO-Friendly Hosting are Powerful Tools. Credit: Pixabay)

In order to survive in this ever-demanding and competitive world, SEO-friendly hosts can work wonders for modern businesses. Search engines are improving their algorithms and bring in new factors that influence the website ranking. If you want to stay at the top, you must fulfill the ranking factors so that your website will be identified as credible and valuable. Web hosting and SEO are closely connected and each plays a significant role in terms of ranking, driving traffic, and user experience that can make a crucial difference to your website. 

5 Key Features that Define SEO-Friendly Hosting 

a) 99.9% Uptime 

One of the most essential factors that are is required for a successful website is having excellent uptime. This is something you should not compromise on and ensure that your online users experience the least downtime possible. Uptime basically means the percentage of time that your website is accessible and online to a user. Now you must know that you cannot avoid downtime completely. But you can make sure that your users receive the least downtime when online. 

If a user visits your site and discovers your site is offline, you may risk losing a customer that will directly affect your sales and conversions. And if users keep leaving your website it will increase the bounce rate and send negative signals to Google and other search engines. This will definitely have an effect on your long-term SEO. 

b) Security Protocols

Your website security is essential because it has a positive effect on SEO. The worse thing that can happen to you is being hacked and losing all your data to cybercriminals. If you are continuously being hacked, customers will refrain from making any transactions on your website which will you cost your sales. It will also have a tremendously negative impact on your website SEO. When choosing a web hosting provider consider their security measure and favour those that provide excellent security protocols.

(5 Key Features that Define SEO-Friendly Hosting are Powerful Tools. Credit: Pixabay)

When handling business online, make sure that you are aware of the different threats such as malware, ransomware, and so on. So that you can take certain steps to defend your website. Hosting services that backup data regularly can prove to be beneficial in case of a breach. Most hostings offer SSL certificates in their package plans which makes it easier to secure your website.

c) Server Location

No matter the type of hosting plan such as shared, dedicated, or VPN. Your website lives on a physical server and your location will determine how quickly users can access your site. Top-notch hosting providers have several servers in various locations, secured data centers, and updated equipment. The close your centers are located the faster your site will be accessible. Servers that are far, look suspicious to search engines which can affect your SEO. You can find out if your hosting providers boost their servers through Content Delivery Networks (CDN). 

Choose a hosting service that is geographically close to you so that it has a positive effect on your website SEO. If your hosting service is located somewhere prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. Your site might suffer downtime which will ultimately lead to a decrease in traffic and cost you leads. Hosting Foundry’s reviews are pretty detailed and help you choose a hosting service that works best for your niche.

d) Multiple Options 

It is best to look out for hosting providers that offer a variety of features that work best for your niche. Having an option for add-ons is a great benefit. Because as you grow in your specific niche, your business will demand more and it will easier to switch to a higher version of SEO-friendly hosting. Here are some of the SEO-friendly ones you’ll want to see:

  • Automatic backups: Make sure your hosting service does regular backups so that if any breach occurs you can quickly restore them.
  • SSL: HTTPS has been a ranking factor for search engines for quite some time. Most hosting services include them in the plans so make sure your host supports SSL.
  • Upgrade Hosting plan: As your business grows, your traffic numbers will grow. Switching to different plans such as dedicated will be much easier so that your site continues to function at full capacity.
  • FTP access: This feature may not be beneficial to all, but some hosting providers offer FTP access that allows you to upload files from your computer to the server. It gives you 24/7 access to your server through the internet.

(5 Key Features that Define SEO-Friendly Hosting are Powerful Tools. Credit: Pixabay)

e) Technical Call Support 

Ensuring that your hosting service provides the best call support who can quickly step in and solve your problem. Even with the best services, a problem could occur on your website. Make sure you can connect with the technical support of your hosting provider through call, live chat, or even mail.

An unresponsive site will have a negative impact on your SEO and influence your website ranking. Quality hosts will provide a solution instantaneously and if it cannot be solved immediately they will at least provide an ETA so you can at leisure reassure some clients.


Takes these point into consideration when selecting an excellent web hosting provider. SEO and Web hosting together can help boost your website to new levels and reach greater heights as a business.

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