5 Basics Of Designing A Music Event T-Shirt

Now that most parts of the world are opening up again and slowly returning to normal, fun social events are also coming back. Of course, music events and festivals are some of the most well-missed occasions, so it’s understandable how excited people are about them. 

Whether these are small DIY gigs or more prominent music festivals that last for days, it’s always a good idea to create and offer merchandise such as T-shirts and caps. This can help promote the event better and are also fantastic pieces to remember the event by. Nowadays, event companies opt for higher-quality and sophisticated merchandise to boost the branding and perhaps sell them at a higher price point. So, for instance, they would go for Personalised Embroidery by Tee Junction for wearables instead of the usual screen-printing.  

Why The Design Of The Music Event T-Shirt Is Important

Designing the official shirt of a music event T-shirt is essential. Again, this is because it represents the company’s brand. Furthermore, it can be informative and give people an idea about its kind of music event. But possibly one of the most important reasons is that it helps make the shirt look more desirable. This will help more people want to buy, own, and wear the shirt for the years to come. 

Coming up with a great design isn’t as simple as some might think; however, it is a learnable skill. Moreover, software and tools are now available to help companies design shirts well and conveniently. 

Nonetheless, it’s still important to understand some of the basics when it comes to designing shirts for music events. Read on to find out!

  • Understand What Kind Of Music Event It Is

One of the first things to do is understand the genre of music you are designing for. Understanding the music scene makes it easier to associate the kind of shirt design that would be a better match.

For example, it could be a DIY punk gig, so the shirt could be designed more rugged and edgy. On the other hand, a music festival for new and young musicians can have shirts designed more light-heartedly with novelty and brighter colours. 

As you can imagine, a heavy metal concert won’t pair well with flowers and pastel colours unless you want to create a kind of humour or sarcasm surrounding it. Either way, it will require a proper understanding of the event to know whether incorporating sarcasm in the design is appropriate and necessary. 

  • Know Your Demographic  

Along with understanding what kind of music event it is, getting to know the demographic is also pertinent. 

For instance, a jazz festival might be more appealing to older individuals, so a more elegant and subdued design would be a better choice. In contrast, neon colours and graffiti-style fonts might be something they would not don. 

  • Make The Brand Recognizable

Another fundamental part of designing a T-shirt for a music festival is to create it for brand recognition. 

Some big music festivals have logos or a specific font that can make it easy to identify the music event. If there is a particular logo, font, and colour theme, it’s necessary to use these in the design to make the brand easy to identify. Do also keep in mind to make it consistent with all your marketing and communications. 

  • Keep It Interesting 

Music festivals are already interesting on their own, but it can pose a challenge to reflect this in the T-shirt design. 

Usually, people like to use iron-on transfer prints of musical instruments for their shirts. These can be great for personal shirts and can be a fun project to do on your own. However, it might not create enough buzz for a music event. 

Instead, think outside the box and try other design elements that can draw interest. Nowadays, using comic strips, memes, and strong or funny one-word statements are trending. Apart from it being compelling, they can be fantastic conversation starters. This way, more and more people would learn about the music event. 

  • Ensure That It’s Wearable

Finally, the shirts must be designed in a still wearable way. You might have seen shirts that blatantly look like billboard ads. Some look like fliers or even business cards, which can be great for catching people’s attention. 

However, these shirts aren’t very wearable, and most people probably won’t want to spend money on these shirts.  They would just end up stuck in their wardrobe or even in the trash. 

To avoid this, make sure that the shirt is designed stylishly for people to want to wear it, even when they’re outdoors. This way, both sides are happy: the brand is promoted, and the person has a shirt they love.


Designing a shirt can be tricky, especially for a music event. Developing a fantastic design is all about understanding the branding, demographic, types of genres to be played, and more. At the same time, ensuring that it’s wearable matters so that the shirt can fulfil its function of being merchandise and a form of advertisement. 

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