4 Reasons to Buy an Old Fashioned Record Player

Whether you grew up listening to records in your bedroom or you’re coming across this old-yet-accessible technology for the first time as a modern adult, one truth is for certain: old fashioned record players produce an amazing sound that will let you experience music in a way unlike any other. I used to think that modern technology was the way to go with music—bigger stereo systems, bigger speakers, fancier gadgets… but after years of trying out everything, old and new, I’ve come to the conclusion that record players are simply the best. I’ve compiled 4 great reasons why you should consider buying an old fashioned record player for your home.

#1: They aren’t as expensive as you think

When most people think about buying record players, they assume that the systems must be ultra-expensive and limited to people who can afford to have a set-up in their basement or a fancy room set aside for just that purpose. But the fact of the matter is that old fashioned records are not very expensive, especially when you consider the prices for modern sound systems on the current market. You can find plenty of affordable options from shops that specialise in records, such as Rockit Record Players; you can visit them at rockitrecordplayers.com.au to see their selection.

#2: They sound full and rich

Record players allow you to experience music in a true organic fashion; this is because record players aren’t digital copies of music, but they play the music etched on the record in real time. This produces a full real sound that is unlike anything you’ll experience with a digital file, no matter how great your modern sound system may be.

#3: They look cool

Let’s get to the shallowest reason: record players simply look cool! They add a nostalgic yet chic aesthetic to any room and when paired with a decent set of speakers, they make for a powerful statement piece. You can find record players in just about any colour imaginable, too, so you won’t have to worry about the colour clashing with the rest of your décor style.

#4: It makes for a fun hobby

Sure, you can buy and download as many digital albums as you want and cram them on your mobile phone… but as a music lover, it’s not very fun. When you have a record player, however, you’re opening up your music hobby into an entirely different world. You can explore thrift shops for old records and pick some out to see what works. You can keep an eye on new releases and buy limited edition albums that are perfect for listening to on a quiet summer afternoon. You can build shelves or cabinets to store your collection. The possibilities are limitless!

Final Thoughts

If you love music, you really can’t do any better than an old fashioned style record player. They look great, aren’t all that expensive, and they let you experience music the way that it was intended to be heard: full, real, and true.

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