#1 DADS Freedom Fighter gets 7/10

#1 Dads
Freedom Fighter


Having just become a dad himself, it seems fitting that Tom Iansek is returning to his #1 Dads project. In preparation for new LP Golden Repair (out March 6) Iansek has dropped Freedom Fighter, the follow up to Another Day which came out November last year ahead of their slots at Falls Fest.

The Melbourne native spreads far and wide musically, with quite a few projects in the bag including Big Scary and his more recent venture with Tom Snowden, No Mono.

#1 Dads has set expectations high for the new album with Freedom Fighter.Starting with soulful piano, Iansek’s melodious voice soon appears with a reflective tone and Iansek’s poetic lyrics. Freedom Fighter is a pretty bold single, which makes sense considering the name. A recurrent theme is unrequited love, something most people will know a little bit about. As he puts it, unrequited love is a theme “for all the ages”.  Iansek has proven once again that he knows how to make a song that is as catchy as it is elegant.

The artwork bears similarities to Van Gogh’s self-portraits, and Iansek doesn’t just explore one concept within his music, either. Exploring a variety of ways life can be unsettling, his own description of the song is “a musing on certain curiosities about life and the feeling that at the deepest level, everything is ok.”

Released on his own Pieater label, let’s hope the rest of Golden Repair stands up to the high expectations set with this single.


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